Voting For The Right Candidate


Admit it or not, most people dread elections.

This could be due to politicians becoming too greedy and wanting to buy votes. This could also be due to people becoming too needy and wanting to accept bribes. On a brighter note, it could be just due to politicians making promises that people know he won’t be able to keep or people making claims about politicians that others know will make negative impacts.

Regardless of why most people dread elections, however, the fact remains that we, as people who live in the country, have a responsibility to our nation as a whole – and that’s in the form of voting for a candidate during elections.

But the question is: How do you vote for the right candidate?

Here’s one way:

Do your own research.

One thing that keeps someone from voting for the right candidate is not having enough knowledge. This includes knowing about the candidate’s background and learning about the candidate’s behaviors, as well as considering both the candidate’s achievements and nonachievements. This also includes knowing about the do’s when voting and learning about the pros of voting, as well as considering both what your gut’s trying to tell you and who others’ will be looking out for.

Even more so, doing your own research means you don’t have to listen entirely to one source about the ongoing elections. You see, some media portrays politicians as good people when they really aren’t. You also see, other media portrays politicians as bad people when they really aren’t. Thus, it’s your responsibility to shy away from these kind of manipulations – not just for you to vote for the right candidate, but also for you to be fair with other people.

BONUS: Target who likely has the conviction and consistency.

You will always know who the right candidate is.


That candidate will have conviction, a voice that doesn’t just speak out to those near him, but also to those far from him. That candidate will also have consistency, a voice that doesn’t just seem good for short-term plans, but also for long-term plans.

As for you, you need to step up your game as a voter.

Target who likely has the conviction and consistency – just like when you’re choosing the right kind of bow for your archery class, which should have the conviction and consistency.

In any case, read about bows here for more information!

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