What You Should Look For In A Grow Light


If you’ve been growing marijuana or cannabis for a while, you know exactly what works and what doesn’t. But if you are new to the game, you are jumping into dark, murky waters, and you need to know exactly what will be best for you or not.

There a ton of options and LED growing lights out there today, without a doubt. But in order to get the best production for your indoor plants, you need to pick the best light to get the best results.

Below, is a list of crucial things to look for when you before you go out and purchase a LED grow light.

Find A Good Brand

This may seem obvious, and it is, but with so many companies out there, saying so many great things about their LED’s, you could possibly be steered in the wrong direction.

Brand named companies are always trying to maintain their reputation, and are constantly trying to get an advantage on their biggest competitors. What this means for you is, the more those companies dual it out, the better the product is.

Most brand companies will test their LED grow lights to make sure it meets efficiency requirements and to be sure that it will last a certain life expectancy rate.

Top brand companies are; Advance Platinum, GalaxyHydro, and MarsHydro, to name a few.

Find Where The Light Is Made From

Most experts will agree, that a quality made LED grow light should last you approximately ten years if not, more.

So this being said, how it is made is the most crucial element, to how long it will last and durable it will get you.

Traditionally, you should look for a grow light from the U.S. and I say this because companies that have solid reputations have to adhere by the highest industry standards and typically use the best products and components.

Electrical Consumption

On average, you will want something above 300W, and you can find options up to a 1000. The higher the output of your grow light the better it helps with wattage loss. By finding the best output option, and being informed by reading the description of the product, you will trim your costs more effectively. Keep in mind the amount of time you have this grow light running.

Heat Output

If you can find a LED grow light with a low heat output, you will be in business. Higher heat outputs don’t last as long, and you are more likely to ruin or damage your plants.

Low heat will save you money, save you time, and more importantly, it offers your plants the best protection and longer lasting experience. You can read more about the health output from LED grow lights at healthyhandyman.com.

Other Factors

Warranty: You should always look for a grow-light, that gives you, the consumer, the protection of replacing it if something should falter.

– Space of growth: How many plants are you growing? Have you measured your garden space? Find these out before committing to a light.

-Ratings: feel free to browse the net and look for the best rated grow lights out there. You can find some rather useful tips, if you look.


Just like anything in life, the better research you do, the better you make out in the long run. If you put the time, and carefully investigate the product as it should match up to your growing needs, this will better suit you in the long run and save you a ton of cash. Using these guidelines, and going online to research other criteria, is a sure way to make sure you don’t go wrong and pick out the right LED growing light for your plants.